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Critical Spare Parts for a New Oven Range

What sort of spare parts should you stock for a new oven range? This is an aspect that most people do not think much about when buying an oven. However, you need to think about wear and tear, especially if you use the oven range every day. Some oven parts tend to wear out faster than others, which can inconvenience your food preparation plans. This article highlights spare parts you should purchase when buying a new oven range.

Oven Door Hinge -- An oven door hinge sees a lot of action every time you use the appliance. This is especially true if you love baking or roasting your dishes because you use the hinge every time you open and close the oven door. Over time, the hinges become less effective and stop the door from closing properly. When an oven door does not close properly, any meal you prepare could come out half-cooked. Notably, a spare oven hinge comes in handy because you can replace a faulty one quickly. Although you can buy a single spare oven hinge, it is advisable to buy a pair so that you are covered if both hinges malfunction.

Oven Door Seals -- Imagine being in charge of preparing a turkey for your entire family. When you check on the turkey's progress, it becomes clear that it is taking longer than necessary to cook. While there could be different explanations for this, the first place you should look at is the oven door gasket. The seal keeps heat inside the oven; consequently, food cooks faster, and the appliance uses minimal energy. Therefore, if you have a faulty oven gasket, chances are that you will wait longer for food to cook and pay more in energy bills. A spare gasket addresses the malfunction immediately, and the best part is that a spare seal is easy to install.

Halogen Bulb -- The light in an oven allows you to see what is happening inside the chamber while preparing food. For instance, the light enables you to read temperature from the thermometer through the glass window without opening the door. However, when the halogen bulb in your oven goes out, you might be tempted to replace it with the side table lamp in your bedroom. This is a bad idea because a range requires small-profile bulbs to withstand the heat and vibrations resulting from operation of the oven. Thus, it is critical to have a spare halogen lamp specifically designed for oven applications.

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