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Possible Reasons Why Your Coffee Machine Is Acting Up

If you take your morning coffee seriously, it is likely that you have invested money in a premium espresso machine so that you can get perfect coffee each morning. Not to mention at most people who invest in a coffee machine do so because they do not want to lose money buying their favourite beverage from a coffee shop every single day. Thus, when you encounter an issue with your coffee maker, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Read the following guide on a few of the common reasons why your coffee machine could be acting up so you can know if it requires coffee machine repairs or you simply need to change a few things on your own

The milk is not frothing

There are several reasons why your espresso machine is not frothing the milk to your liking. The most common cause of this problem is if the pressure of the steam is low. To fix this, have a look at the boiler pressure and increase it if it is at the lowest setting. On the other hand, the milk could not be frothing due to a blocked steam nozzle, which can easily be remedied by cleaning it out. Another reason why your milk may not froth is that it has gone bad and you need to change it out. If any of these fixes do not work, then it is advisable to seek professional coffee machine repairs.

The coffee is dispensing too slow or too fast

When your coffee machine is dispensing the beverage slowly, it could mean that the brewing head is blocked. This issue can be resolved by simply cleaning out the head. Slow dispensing coffee can also occur when you put in excessive coffee inside the filter basket, so try getting rid of some of the coffee. You should also check if the coffee is too compacted inside the filter. When your coffee machine starts to dispense coffee too fast, it could mean there is too little coffee inside the machine's filter. Your espresso machine will also dispense too much coffee if the grinder setting is too coarse for the coffee itself.

Coffee is leaking from the brewing head

If you notice that coffee is leaking from the brewing head, it usually means that some parts of the coffee machine are damaged and will need replacing by a technician. This problem should never be a do it yourself fix, as you stand the risk of damaging the entire coffee machine. The first component that could be damaged is the filter basket and the second component that would require replacing is the gasket. 

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