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Safety tips for a successful bonfire event

A bonfire can really create an amazing aura whether you intend on hosting a party, or you're planning your Halloween. They light up the night and flare the mood, giving joy and psyche to the people involved. But all good has got a downside. Fire is dangerous, and this is particularly true if you'll be hosting kids. You need to ensure that the event remains safe, and the appropriate fire measures are out in place. So before turning up the music, here are some safety tips to ensure you do it right.

Stay away from alcohol

If you're the one catering to the bonfire or setting up the fireworks, then don't drink. No matter how wild the party gets, drinking should be out of the question. Alcohol is highly flammable, and just a bit of it on your clothes close to the fire is enough to get you in flames.

Also avoid using flammable liquids such as gasoline to ignite fires. Instead, go for proprietary firelighters. Flammable liquids can easily spin out of control and lead to serious injuries. Additionally, bundled with the material being lit, these liquids may emit toxic gasses.

The dressing matters

For a bonfire, avoid loose clothing. This is particularly helpful to children as they are playful and love running around. Apart from loose clothing, also avoid dressing them up with materials such as cotton and linen. These are some of the most flammable materials with a rapid combustion rate. Instead, go for fabrics such as wool and silk that are less likely to ignite.

Protective wear when lighting up the fireworks

Before lighting up your fireworks, ensure you've got eye protection, a bucket of water and gloves. Sparklers get to 2000oC when lit, so you need to be particularly careful when handling them. Even after they're lit, these sparkles may still burn hot, so dip them in a bucket of water just to be safe.

Have extinguishers ready

This is a safety precaution just in case the worst happens. You can carry a portable fire extinguisher, and ensure you read the instructions on how to use it effectively. You don't want to have trouble with it when the flames are out of control. A simple water or foam extinguisher would do just fine.

Also, ensure that you've got access to enough sand or water when at the site. Water extinguishers have got much higher chances of success when used with environmental materials like sand. The water soaks into the material and cools them as it extinguishes the fire, making it more effective.

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Maintaining our walk-in freezer

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