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Keep Your Washing Machine in Good Shape with the Following Pointers

Since you generally need to change outfits every day, washing machines will always be among your most important appliances. This is why you should take good care of them to cut down on the maintenance and replacement costs. Some manufacturers include a self-cleaning feature on their washing machines, which is a great feature that makes works easy for you in terms of keeping the machine in shape. However, there is still more you can do for optimal performance. Here are some pointers that will help you keep your washing machine in good shape:

Use the Right Detergent

The quality of the detergent has an effect on the efficiency of your washing machine. Some regular detergents are best suited for other cleaning tasks, but not your precious washing machine. They produce lots of lather (also called suds), which build up on the hoses and drum of the washing machine. Over time, the build-up of suds creates a thin film on various components of the washing machine and play host to mould. A lot of lather also makes it hard to achieve a thorough clean in the machine, elevating the risk of a mechanical breakdown. When buying detergents for use in your washing machine, look out for the "high-efficiency" (HE) compatible label, meaning that they are suitable for your washing machine. Most importantly, remember to use the detergent sparingly and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Using too much of it doesn't necessarily mean better performance.

Remove Loads as Soon as Possible

Don't leave damp clothes lying in your washing machine for too long. A common habit is to leave them overnight in the machine before hanging them out to dry in the morning. While this may be convenient, it doesn't end so well for your washing machine. A dump and warm environment are perfect for the growth of mildew and a musty smell. Preferably, get rid of any dump clothes in the machine immediately you are done with the laundry.

Keep the Pump Filter Clean

Most manufacturers make the pump filter easy to access so that it is easy to clean and repair (check your manual for its location). You should have a consistent schedule for cleaning your pump filter and prevent clogging. This may be weekly or monthly depending on how much you use your washing machine. Moreover, look out for signs of a clogged or damaged pump filter such as water drainage issues and excessive vibrations. This will guarantee timely maintenance or replacement, eliminating the risk of an overheating washing machine that can easily cause a fire.

For more information, contact an expert in washing machine repair.

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Maintaining our walk-in freezer

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