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Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions About Split System Air Conditioners

A split system air conditioner is like a cross between a central air conditioner and a window air conditioner. The split system is a permanent installation, like a central unit, but doesn't get connected to all the vents and ducts in your home, like a window unit. Split system air conditioning can be a very good choice for many homes and areas of the house, but many homeowners have some misconceptions about the system. Note a few of those here and a few facts about split systems. This will help you decide if they're the right choice for your home.

Misconception: The blower unit is loud and cumbersome

Split system air conditioners are commonly used in hotels, since they are vented directly out of a wall and control the temperature of only one space at a time. Because of this, many people might assume that the blower unit is just like the loud, cumbersome units you see in hotels. However, these may be different units than what would be installed in your home. The face of residential units is usually no larger than a window air conditioner, and they can be mounted flush against the wall or ceiling so they don't stand out and detract from the overall look of the room.

Misconception: Split systems are very weak

Split systems will vary in their power just like any other type of air conditioner; don't assume they only cool the same space as a small window unit just because they're not connected to the home's ductwork. Note too that the split system will vary in its ability to cool depending on what's in a room; it might not be able to blow cold air around taller pieces of furniture and other items in its way, or cool a room in direct sunlight with the curtains wide open. On the other hand, many units can cool an entire living and dining area or other such space quite easily. Speak to a contractor about the options available but don't assume a split system will be too weak for your space.

Misconception: Split systems can't be installed in condominiums or attached housing

A split system air conditioner simply needs an outside wall for its vent; this is typically available in a condo, apartment, and the like, and installing the blower in the ceiling shouldn't disturb the flooring of a unit above it. You should rely on a contractor to handle the installation for you so that you don't damage your neighbor's unit with your split system, but there is typically no reason why a split system couldn't be installed even in an attached home.

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Maintaining our walk-in freezer

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